Installing sites is very easy which makes Cloudrock a scalable solution. You don’t need to know PHP, Mysql, LAMP-installations, sFTP or Cpanel. No need to go through long “quickinstall” wordpress installations. Our installation process makes adding a site as easy as sending an email.

How to install a site in Cloudrock

1. Click “Add new site”

Add the domain name to a field. Or upload a CSV file with several domain names.

2. Select hosting and language

Choose between different types of hostings and regions. If you don’t want to choose we will choose automatically for you (giving your sites a natural hosting profile).

3. Execute

Cloudrock will do all installations. Adding the correct language, a randomized and localized user name.

4. Site is active

Within seconds the new site is live and you can start working on it. You will receive an email with instructions on how to point the DNS.

Bulk install of many sites

If you have bought many domains you can install all of them at once using the bulk tool. Just fill out an excel file with the following columns:

  • Domain (for example,
  • Language

Upload the file to Cloudrock and lean back and relax. The system will all sites for you within minutes.