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Completely natural hosting profile

Your sites are hosted on different IP-address blocks and in different data centers. They are also spread out on different hosting types: unique IP blocks, shared hosts and CDNs.

Cloudrock is the multi-site SEO Hosting provider that can make your network look completely natural.

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Sites spread out on different types of hosting

Install lightning fast sites with just 1-click

Just enter domain name and click Launch. The system will automatically create, and maintain the WordPress installation. It's automatically spread out on different hosts. Your sites are ready and localised in seconds!

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Your sites are very fast with Cloudrock! This will help you with your SEO efforts because page speed is important for Google. Your sites are safe and hacker proof due to their nature as static. Don't worry about uptime, we have it covered!

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Easy migration of your sites from your old host to Cloudrock.

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Uptime monitor and other tools

Cloudrock comes packed with tools to monitor your sites. It has a built in uptime monitor that makes sure they are always live.
The built-in SEO analytics tool helps you optimize your content.
Cloudrock is the simple and scalable solution, no matter the size of your network.

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